PayPal opens Global Op Centre in Malaysia

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

01.11.11, this special date marks another milestone for Malaysia E-commerce Industry. PayPal has officially opened their Global Operation Centre (GOC) here and is proudly officiated by our Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, Dato Mukhriz Mahathir. (See official speech here)

Dato Mukhriz giving speech, he posted his speech transcript online~!

 VIPs - left to right:
Sarah Deaton (Sr. Director, APAC Op), Datuk Badlisham Ghazali (MDEC CEO), John McCabe (Sr. VP World Wide Op),  Dato Mukhriz Mahathir, John Tham (Dierctor Malaysia PayPal), Elias Ghanem (GM SEA & India PayPal) and Rupert Keeley (Sr. VP APAC PayPal).

Very nice Indian rangoli art! 

A nice doorgift for all the guests. some ask me why not
 5 thumbdrives in it... hmm....

Fresh in my mind still is the date "14th Oct 2009" - the very first day PayPal starts supporting Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)

Local team is headed by John Tham. They currently have a staff strength of 200+ people, and will increase the team size to 500 by 2013.

The GOC marks Malaysia spot on on the global e-commerce map. And I'm personally glad knowing that it's not just merely a call centre. (Call centre is something which I perceive as low-value and add no real, long-term benefits in beefing up our human capital.)

Apart from customer support (Both buyers and sellers), they are doing fraud prevention here too. You can tell by the types of jobs available.

Thanks to Sarah, I have a chance to tour their heavily guarded global operation centre (not allowed to take pictures though as it's highly classified...).

First thing comes into sight, all of their cubicles, are equipped with Dual Dell Monitor Setup. Something like this below. I wonder is it one screen for work, another for facebook?

Anyway, do you know bill gates works on 3 monitors? Considering all the PayPal MY staffs are just one-monitor behind bill gates. that's really not bad at all!

But one thing i found missing, is the humongous digital dashboard, where it suppose to display (in real time) a set of key-metric in a graphically stunning ways. I seriously think PayPal should build it just for the sake of impressiveness.

Just to show you a glimpse of how such thing look like in HQ in Hangzhou, China. (Alibaba runs Alipay which is set to go global competing with PayPal anytime soon)

Overall, the workplace is clean and spacious. Occupying both 25th & 26th Floors of One First Avenue and there's a balcony for you to take fresh air too. And yeah, they a few vending machines and one of it is providing free MILO for staffs!

Enough said, I love MILO (esp free one) and I have submitted my resume, have you?

Search for PayPal Opening here!

Some other interesting statistics I learnt too.
- PayPal is signing up 1 Million new accounts per month globally
- PayPal has seven such global operation centre around the world
  1. Berlin (Germany)
  2. Chandler, Arizona (US)
  3. Dublin (Ireland)
  4. Omaha, Nebraska (US)
  5. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  6. Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
  7. Shanghai (China)